The Burden of Care – Feeling Guilty

The Burden of Care – Feeling Guilty
7th July 2016 Mark

Why do I feel so guilty whenever I mention the ‘Burden of Care’ ? Watching back some video footage I talked about how dealing with the care needs of a loved one can feel like a burden… It makes me sad to hear my own voice. 🙁

I feel guilt. Not only for the wasted opportunities I had to see my own mum during her final days, but that I referred to the management of her needs as a burden.

Yes, I was busy with work and other committments, but if I had the time over, I would do things differently.

Firstly I would have savoured every opportunity to be with her. I allowed family members to dictate far too often and ultimately I lost out on precious time over petty rifts and nonsense.

Secondly, I wouldn’t have waited so long before talking to my mum about things that really mattered.

Miss you Mum!


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